Stick and seal fresh!

Our unique blend has been specifically designed to amplify the anti-microbial properties of our wraps by infusing Gots certified organic cotton in the highest quality ACO certified organic Australian beeswax, colloidal silver, wild pine resin, and organic Jojoba oil. 


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Tips to keep a wrap that sticks
Prints that sit pretty on your kitchen bench.

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Sizes that start larger.

Our wraps are cut larger so that you can keep more of your fruit & veggies fresher for longer.

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Buying by the metre means cheaper wraps with extra room to hug your food nice and tight

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Customer reviews

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Hi Just wanted to say thank you for my beeswax wrap that arrived today, in a juicy orange fabric. My bread is already wrapped in it All the best Alice

01 May, 2020

Hi, I received my order and have been using them, I am impressed with the way they keep my foods fresh and love the Dreamtime designs. Thank you I love my Beeswax wraps. Annette

30 April, 2020

Hi, just wanted to thank you for such a great product! I have had a roll of cling-wrap in my drawer for years - a leftover from having to wrap a plastered arm for showering. I could not bear to use it for food - we all know how quickly a cut cabbage or cauliflower turns grey and mouldy when wrapped in cling-wrap. So I had frequently food go to waste as a result of it. I now use the beeswax wraps and there is no sign of any spoilage on the cut veggies even after almost a week and they remain really fresh! I'm impressed!

17 January, 2020

Brilliant eco-friendly idea and funky design

19 October, 2019

Demonstrations on the stall for how they're used were great

08 April, 2019

The Gentlemen was very accommodating, polite. He explained how to use and look after. Thank you so much!

24 June, 2019

There was no sales pressure applied. I was able to take my time with the selection of birthday presents, knowing the product already from a prior purchase. An added bonus was a lovely chat and a discount. Wonderful service. 😀

01 June, 2019

My favorite suppliers of beeswax wraps :) I tell all my friends about them

26 May, 2019

Yes! yes! yes! for your awesome product and helping to say no to plastic!

19 April, 2019

I have not yet tried them, but sure to be a great environment saver. Fun too! Brought them to the USA. :)

08 April, 2019

I did not get his name- but the owner was so lovely to chat with, super kind and friendly. So happy for this amazing sustainable product he created to help our planet. Really excited to start using them!! Thank you so much!

06 April, 2019

We used the wraps and they’re great at keeping veg and opened food fresh - I feel so much better about reducing my plastic usage

31 March, 2019

The best gift to oneself, a friend and the environment, sold by the most charming and knowledgable salesman!

02 March, 2019

Excellent service! Professional and friendly at the same time

18 November, 2018

Great customer service

03 April, 2018

Amazing product. Keeps food fresh for a long time, and it's all-natural.

28 January, 2018
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